Fusioni di precisione in Ghisa e Acciaio

Precision Steel and Iron castings

The Company

Fonder Shell was born in 1971 like a gray and ductile iron foundry. The long experience maturated in the application of these materials with the mission to find continuously new and better solutions, pushed the company to develop new production systems.

Fonder Shell today uses completely Shell Moulding technology for internal and external geometry and has developed the production of Compacted Graphite Iron and steel castings in addition to other traditional materials.


Fonder Shell serves a wide range of sectors:

  •  Hydraulic;
  • Automotive;
  • Hearth moving machines;
  •  Motor case;
  • Textile machines;
  •  General mechanical industrial application;

The production of casting weight range between 0.05 Kg  up to 70 Kg.

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