Fusioni di precisione in Ghisa e Acciaio

Precision Steel and Iron castings

Shell Moulding Technology and Products


Shell moulding is a technology used to produce castings on the net near shape concept.

The particular system of production of a thin rigid shell is able to obtain geometry on casting with restricted tolerance, finished and smoothness surface and complex shape

Much more than a system to shape the geometry


This system is providing a number of other advantages. Further the first possibility to use the geometrical quality of a shell moulded part, the other points focus on the thermic and mechanical characteristics of the shell mould. These characteristics are the bases for a reliable and advanced casting part.

Material produced

  • Gray Iron
  • Compacted Graphite Iron
  • Ductile Iron
  • Alloyed Cast Iron
  • Carbon Steel

Compacted Graphite Iron

Compacted Graphite Iron (CGI) is the better compromise that the metallurgy of iron is able today to offer for mechanical solution.

  • cgiMicrostructureElevated mechanical performance in reference to gray iron;
  • Elevated machinability in reference to ductile iron;
  • Better castability in reference to gray and ductile iron;

CGI Mechanical Characteristics – ISO 16112

Material designation Tensile strengthRm



strengthRp 0,2






Typical Brinell
hardness range

HBW 10/30

ISO 16112/JV/300/S 300 210 2,0 140 to 210
ISO 16112/JV/350/S 350 245 1,5 160 to 220
ISO 16112/JV/400/S 400 280 1,0 180 to 240
ISO 16112/JV/450/S 450 315 1,0 200 to 250
ISO 16112/JV/500/S 500 350 0,5 220 to 260
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